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Connecticut Tragedy Used to Push New Weapons Ban

ImageSan Francisco – In December of 2012, Adam Lanza of Newton, Connecticut walked into Sandy Hook Elementary carrying his mother’s guns and shot twenty-six people.  Twenty of these twenty-six who were shot and killedwere children.  This event was just what anti-gun legislators needed to push their agenda.  Diane Feinstein has introduced a bill in Congress that would an assault weapons in America.  The bill bans 157 different types of rifles, including one of the rifles Lanza used in the Connecticut killings back in December.


Vice President Joe Biden spoke about gun control in Danbury, Connecticut this week, which incidentally is a short distance from Newton.  As well as touching on the new assault weapons ban, Biden reportedly spoke of universal background checks as well as limiting magazine capacities by law.  All of these new gun control measures are part of a package of policies put together by the Vice President in January.  On Monday, the Colorado House, which is controlled by the Democrats, passed bills to limit magazine capacities as well as for universal background checks.  New York has adopted much stronger gun control laws and Connecticut is also considering more aggressive strategies.  White House Spokesman, Jay Carney was quoted by CNN as saying the President is also considering executive measures that would not require Congressional approval.


This is not the first time that politicians or even a President has come after our guns.  This is not the first time there has been new gun control legislation introduced in the House or the Senate.  In fact, this is an old record playing and it is one that most Americans, whether pro gun or not, are very familiar with.  So it should come as no surprise that many predominantly pro gun states are prepared to fight new gun laws with their own pro gun legislation.  It should also come as no surprise that this is the NRA’s new hot topic and that the NRA will strongly oppose any new gun control strategies introduced on a national level.  And, with States trying to introduce legislation against enforcing new weapons bans, it is not surprising that the White House is considering once again throwing out the constitution when it comes to this issue.  The current administration has not been afraid to violate our nation’s Constitution and these murders in Connecticut are the latest excuse to take our human rights.


The question is, was this shooting rampage in Connecticut manufactured by an anti gun administration to create grounds for new gun laws?  Or was it merely a coincidence?  Maybe it is just unfortunate how little trust the American people have in their current President and sometimes it is hard to blame them, all things considered.  We are a country jaded by George W. Bush, who by any standard was a terrible leader and now, between the birth certificate and the Osama Bin Laden conspiracy, it is hard to trust President Obama.  Not to mention his administration’s response to the economic crisis and the Occupy movement and how little consideration for human rights there has been when it comes to new domestic terror laws and drone surveillance.  Though, at a time when other rights are being infringed upon and anti gun lobbyists were already pushing new legislation, twenty dead school children seems like a big coincidence.  As well as the shooting taking place in a white community where the public is more likely to notice and to care about the victims.  Whether it was a manufactured set of circumstances or not, it is exactly what gun grabbers need to push their new gun control bills in the name of stopping violence against children.


Stopping violence is a very important goal to achieve, but any law that potentially leaves people without the ability to protect themselves is dangerous.  And, though Vice President Biden has assured the public that the White House is not after their guns and does not want people to fear that their rights are in jeopardy, it is still a legitimate concern.  Not all gun owners are violent and not all gun owners are dangerous, in fact most are sportsman or simply trying to protect themselves.  They would rather have a firearm and not need it than need a firearm and not have it, which does not make them scary people.


Certain politicians like to act as if the Second Amendment is no longer relevant to our modern way of life.  But if one takes into account that the right to bear arms was put in place in part to make it easier for the people to overthrow the Government, so of course those in power don’t want the Second Amendment to be relevant.  It is not right that anti gun lobbyists are using the deaths of twenty children to push their anti gun legislation and that is what they are doing, it is exploitation of the memories of those kids.   

By Sal Paradise 2/21/2012


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